Psychologist in Charleston SC

If your student is struggling in school, Coastal Neuropsychology is the leading psychologist in Charleston SC to help with neuropsychological evaluations.

What concerns would be good reasons to contact Dr. Jesse Chasman and his team for a neuropsychological evaluation? There are a variety that include struggling to pay attention in class, not following through or completing assignments, problems completing reading assignments because it takes too long or not understanding what was read, low frustration tolerance, taking too long to organize their thoughts, needing time for examinations, lack of motivation, declining grades and disparity between grades in school and scores on standardized tests.

Experiencing anxiety related to school performance, experiencing difficulty with a particular subject or anxiety or depression when it comes to school performance are also conditions that can warrant a visit with a psychologist in Charleston SC.

In a neuropsychological evaluation, patients go through an examination where several key areas are tested. The process includes an hour interview as well as someone who knows the patient well. After the interview on a separate date, the patient is given a number of computerized and paper/pencil tests.

Once the results are compiled, the team at Coastal Neuropsychology will develop a treatment plan based on the results.

With a neuropsychological evaluation, Coastal Neuropsychology can help bring the big picture together to find the reasons causing the struggles. Dr. Chasman will also work to develop a plan to help the student improve in all aspects of daily functionality and have a better academic success.

Dr. Chasman and everyone at Coastal Neuropsychology can help get your student get back on track. For more information, to learn more or book a consultation, contact Coastal Neuropsychology.