What To Expect From An Evaluation

Depending upon the questions you want answered and the nature of your concerns, an evaluation can take anywhere between 5-8 hours over the course of 3 visits:

  • 1st appointment: We will meet for the initial interview, which typically takes about 1 hour. It is during this meeting that we can discuss your goals for the evaluation, any questions you hope to have answered, and document your relevant medical history. It also gives clients a chance to discuss other issues or life events that will provide helpful background for a deeper understanding of the issues.
  • 2nd appointment: On this day, you will complete a number of standardized neuropsychological and psychological tests. I will select the tests and instruments based on our initial interview/meeting so that they best address your specific concerns and questions. This part of the evaluation typically lasts 3-6 hours. Although these appointments typically start in the morning (with a break for lunch), alternative testing schedules can be arranged if necessary.

    After your testing session is completed, I will review your results and how they compare to others who are of similar age and education level. Although age and education are important benchmarks for comparison, I also will take into account other aspects of your life history so that we can evaluate accurately how the results specifically relate to you. These findings are then compiled into a comprehensive written report.

  • 3rd appointment: We will meet a final time for 1 hour to discuss the results from your evaluation. This appointment gives us a chance to discuss the meaning of your results, answer questions you might have, and review the personalized recommendations I make based on the evaluation.
  • Your final report: A comprehensive report of results will be provided to you 2-3 weeks after your testing appointment. With your permission, I also can provide a copy of your report to any physician or specialist who is involved in your ongoing medical care.