Mt Pleasant SC psychologist

For a complete neuropsychological evaluation, Mt Pleasant SC psychologist Dr. Jesse Chasman can help you or your loved one.

With a complete neuropsychological exam, the team at Coastal Neuropsychology will evaluate on a number of vital areas. Those include intellectual reasoning capacity, planning, organizing, problem-solving, language abilities, concentration, language abilities, visual-perceptual and spatial abilities, memory and social and emotional functioning.

Along with the evaluations, information from those closest to the patient (such as family members, teachers or others who know the patient) will help get a better understanding of the issues that are facing their loved one.

These evaluations will help Mt Pleasant SC psychologist Dr. Chasman to find possible areas of brain damage/dysfunction and to clarify a differential diagnosis. With an evaluation, the team at Coastal Neuropsychology can help devise treatments to help get you or your loved ones back on track to recovery.

Those with cognitive issues, complex psychiatric histories or mental health concerns can greatly benefit from a neuropsychological evaluation as it can allow for more effective treatments and intervention strategies.

Other medical, developmental and psychiatric conditions that Coastal Neuropsychology can test for include ADHD/ADD, Alzheimer’s disease, Cerebrovascular Disease, Dementia, learning disorders, mild traumatic brain injury, Parkinson’s Disease and psychiatric disorders (like depression, anxiety and PTSD).

As a leading Mt Pleasant SC psychologist, Dr. Chasman is prepared to help those with mental health needs. For more information, to learn more or book a consultation, contact Coastal Neuropsychology.