Charleston SC psychology services

A neuropsychological evaluation can seem like a scary and daunting process. However, Charleston SC psychology services provider Dr. Jesse Chasman and Coastal Neuropsychology can help the process seem more friendly.

As part of the process Dr. Chasman and his team have some important recommendations. The first one is to remember to eat before your evaluation. Depending on which appointment, it might take several hours so you may want to bring snacks (or even lunch) as some appointments could take hours.

Be sure to also bring a current list of medications and their dosages. Speaking of dosages, be sure to take your regularly prescribed medications. If you take medications that aren’t “required” – otherwise optional – that cause drowsiness, you may want to consult your physician as these can affect test results.

Examples of these include pain killers, anti-anxiety, allergy medications and etc.

Also, be sure to bring any reading glasses and hearing aids to help with the process. In addition, you will need a valid photo ID and health insurance card.
On the day of your appointment, arrive on time and allow for extra time for traffic, parking and check-in. Arriving on time is crucial for your evaluation due to the length of the tests. A late arrival could force the rescheduling of your appointment.

Charleston SC psychology services with Coastal Neuropsychology and Dr. Chasman can help make patients take the first step on the road to recovery with their mental health. For more information or to schedule a consultation, please call Dr. Chasman and the staff at Costal Neuropsychology.