Charleston SC psychologist

With the help of Charleston SC psychologist Dr. Jesse Chasam and his team at Costal Neuropsychology can help diagnose Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder otherwise known as ADHD.

ADHD effects over three million Americans each year and is a very common condition. The chronic disease, which does require a medical diagnosis, can be helped with treatment. ADHD can cause low self-esteem, troubled relationships and difficulty at work as well as limited attention spans and hyperactivity. Impulsiveness is also a symptom of ADHD.

Often times, the symptoms emerge in childhood and continue into adult life.

How can ADHD be diagnosed with a visit to Charleston SC psychologist Dr. Chasam? First off, ADHD is different in every patient – there is no “one size fits all” diagnosis. That is why a neuropsychology evaluation is important to determine the proper cause.

The team at Coastal Neuropsychology will do a complete neuropsychology evaluation that uses a combination of multiple assessment tools. Those tools include a comprehensive interview, targeted cognitive/behavioral tests, use of subjective rater scales/inventories as well as observations by the examiner.

The evaluation for a proper diagnosis is also important as it can eliminate any other potential causes that are completely unrelated to ADHD as there are other conditions that can co-occur to make the symptoms and impairment worse.

With a proper diagnosis, Dr. Chasman can help target the treatment focus with an individualized plan.

For a consultation or more information, be sure to contact Charleston SC psychologist Dr. Chasman and Coastal Neuropsychology. The offices of Coastal Neuropsychology are conveniently located off 526 between Charleston SC and Mount Pleasant SC.